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Current Happenings - September 2005

The September meeting was fun and informative.  We had two visitors join our group one from the DVCA (Delaware Valley Creek Association) and one from the Friends of Ridley Creek State Park.  They both brought with them new ideas and insight, and a fresh perspective on our goals.
We learned a lot about the DVCA and hope to be able to work together on projects in the future. 
We discussed having our "Summit" at the The Cusano Environmental Education Center at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge facility, which holds about 100 people and everyone was all for that idea.  Jacqyln is going to set up a date with Heinz.   
We will continue to recruit new members and make contacts so that we can begin to truly make a difference.  Please join us at the next meeting in October 2005 - see the calendar of events for details and email for further information and directions.

We will also be looking for ideas and topics for the monthly newsletter. If you have an idea or would be interested in writing an article, please let us know.  Webmaster